Reno Dispensary Rewards Program

The Best Reno Dispensary Rewards Program

You deserve the best, and we want to reward you for your loyalty. Sign up to our exclusive Jade Cannabis Dispensary Rewards Program and start getting unbelievable discounts and rewards just for signing up. We value our consumers and when you sign up for our exclusive program, you’ll recieve amazing bonuses based on how much you spend. You’ll also get access to our giveaways and much more!

Loyalty Program

1 Point Earned Per Dollar Spent:

100 points
$5 off
200 points
$10 off
300 points
$15 off
400 points
$20 off
500 points
$25 off
600 points
$30 off
700 points
$35 off
800 points
$40 off
900 points
$45 off
1000 points
$50 off