Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Patients

Can I use I shop if my ID is expired or voided?

No unless you have valid proof of extension or documentation that is compliant with your state’s laws and regulations. Your state is the state your ID was issued from.

How old do I have to be to shop?

Recreational customers must be 21 years of age or older w/ valid ID. Patients with a valid medical card recommended by a licensed MD must be 18 years of age or older w/ valid ID.

Can I shop if I have lost my ID but have a photo of it on my phone?

No. Nevada Regulation mandates you must have a physical ID with you that we may verify by scanner.

Identification Requirements

What classifies someone as a medical patient?

A medical patient is anyone who holds a valid medical marijuana card recommended by a licensed MD.

What is the tax rate on cannabis items for medical patients?

Medical patients are only required to pay Nevada (8.375%) sales tax they are exempt from paying the additional Nevada (10%) recreational cannabis tax.

What do I need to bring with me to shop as a New Medical Patient?

Medical marijuana patients must bring their valid medical marijuana card or letter from the MD approving them for medical marijuana use along with a valid ID. Additionally, Nevada medical card holders must provide valid Nevada identification/driver’s license.

Can Jade accept out-of-state Medical Marijuana cards?

Yes! We accept valid out-of-state medical marijuana cards. *Must have medical card present to be accepted

What does Jade offer medical patients?

We have a line allocated in store for medical patients that is given priority service. We know the importance of getting the medication that you need, and we will always honor this.

How much marijuana am I allowed to purchase?

Nevada law allows Medical Marijuana Patients to purchase and carry up to 2oz or 10,000mg of THC. For details, please speak to one of our experienced budtenders at time of purchase.

Delivery/Online Pick-Up

Where can you deliver?

Private Residences only (mailable address). No hotels, motels, casinos, or businesses

What type of payments do your drivers accept?

Cash Only. Although exact change is unnecessary, drivers carry minimal cash on them and will not have coins. Having as close to the amount as you are paying is always helpful.

Does placing an order online guarantee all products are in stock?

No. Placing an order online does not always guarantee a product is in stock. Although we do our best to keep online ordering platforms up to date by the minute, there are sometimes delays in syncing which can lead to items still appearing on the menu when they are in fact out of stock. If this occurs, please do not worry, a budtender will give you a call to the phone number you provided to adjust your order and give you your total.

Can I track my order?

At Jade we utilize Dutchie’s online ordering platform. Whenever you place an order online, regardless of if it is delivery or pick up, you will get a text notification when your order is received, being prepared, and finally ready for the pickup or delivery. For further inquiries our front desk is always available, (702)536-2586

What is the delivery minimum for free delivery?

$50 before tax if delivering within a 10-mile radius. $75 before tax if delivering over a 10-mile radius

Do I need to answer the confirmation call?

Yes. After we fill your order, a budtender will call you to confirm your order. Delivery Orders MUST be confirmed over the phone before they are sent out for delivery. If you miss your confirmation call, it’s okay just call us back at (702)536-2586 and our front desk can assist you.

Can I redeem discounts on Delivery/Pick-up orders?

Yes! We will honor any everyday discount you would normally get in store. Pick-Up/Delivery orders also have access to our Daily Deals every day unless otherwise specified on the graphic or website that day.

Can I come pick up my order as soon as I place it?

No, if you are placing a pick-up order, please wait until you are either notified by text or call that your order is ready. Arriving before your order is ready may result in delays.

Delivery/Online Pick-Up

Where can I find your sales/specials?

Jade offers Daily Deals to all customers (recreational and medical). Our deals can be found on our Menu banner at after selecting “Shop Las Vegas” or on the specials and offers section of the menu. We offer new specials everyday so make sure to check what products we have on sale today!

What forms of payment do you accept?

CASH ONLY. We have an ATM available in-store from 9am – 12am every day. Jade is also conveniently located next door to Bank of America. They have a walk-up and drive-thru ATM available 24/7. *Bank Fees may apply

Can I consume cannabis on-site at your store?

No, at this time, consumption on site is prohibited by law.

Does Jade offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer what we call “Everyday Discounts” that are redeemable 24/7. Everyday Discounts cannot be stacked or combined with a Daily Deal unless otherwise specified on the menu banner or by management. Everyday discounts are as follows:

  • 10% Online Review (ex: Yelp, Google, Weedmaps – Review must be presented to Budtender at time of sale)
  • 10% Wisdom Discount (must be 65+ w/ valid ID)
  • 10% Industry Discount (w/ Marijuana Agent card)
  • 15% First Time Customer (Available one time to every customer on their initial purchase)
  • 20% Veteran Discount (w/ Military ID)
How much marijuana am I allowed to purchase?

Nevada law allows recreational customers to purchase and carry up to 1 oz. of flower or 3500mg of THC. Medical Patients- please see our FAQ section “Medical Patients”

Can I travel with cannabis products?

No, state regulation bans any transportation of cannabis across state lines.